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Immerse yourself in the world of Breanna Elder's writing, where she delves into the complexities of life and emotions. Through her raw and powerful poetry, she invites you to experience the depths of her soul and find solace in the written word.

Breanna Elder's Books: A Journey Towards Healing

Snowflakes and Sorrows

In Snowflakes and Sorrows, Breanna Elder shares her raw truth born from her mental and emotional trauma in the form of poetry. These poems remind you that you are not alone in your pain and inspire courage to confront uncomfortable emotions.

Starlight and Hailstorms

Starlight and Hailstorms delves into the depths of emotion, exploring sorrow, anger, and resilience. Breanna's reflections and evocative imagery encourage readers to embrace their feelings and find strength in vulnerability.

Lilacs, Daffodils, and Thunderstorms

Continuing the journey, Lilacs, Daffodils, and Thunderstorms pay tribute to vulnerability and resilience. Breanna shows that growth and renewal are possible even in the darkest storms.

Wishes, Losses, and Living

Wishes, Losses, and Living concludes the series with a powerful exploration of childhood trauma and healing—Breanna’s story explores the pain of loss and the resilience of embracing life’s challenges.

Journal - My Journey Towards Healing

This journal is a collection of poetry explanations, activities, and prompts that guide you to capture your truth in poetry. The prompts are designed to help you release your voice, even if you are the only one ever to hear.

Dead Dead Father

Dead Dead Father is a compelling collection of letters that explores the complexities of love, loss, pain, grief, and healing in Breanna's relationship with her father.

Unsent Letters - A Journal

Unsent Letters - A Journal is a collection of personal letter prompts designed to encourage you to express your truth in the many relationships and situations you have faced. These prompts testify to the power of healing and the importance of confronting painful truths.

Join Breanna on her transformative journey through pain, healing, and self-discovery. Her books and journals offer a unique perspective on resilience and the power of vulnerability. Order your copies today and embark on your own journey of healing and self-discovery. Discover that even amid grief, pain, or trauma - you are not alone.

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Available for eBook Pre-Sales

What if the pain from your story could help others? Would you put your raw, painful truth in the world for others to see?

SnowFlakes and Sorrows is Breanna Elder's first of four books to share her poems with the world - these poems are her truth. She wrote these poems as a way to heal and process the pain from her mental and emotional trauma. While they were not the only resource she had while processing her trauma, there were the most helpful. SnowFlakes and Sorrows is her reminder that you are less alone than you think. You are valued. You deserve healing.

The first in the four-part series addresses the most uncomfortable emotions, too easily avoided and ignored. Yet, these emotions are so very critical to the healing process. Breanna hopes her words will also give you the courage to feel and express your truth.

Pre-Sales Available for eBook. Paperback and Hard Cover Available August 20, 2023.

About Breanna Elder

Breanna Elder is a talented writer who started her journey with FanFiction and later delved into poetry. Her writing serves as a medium to express the stories that have always been trapped inside her head. Join her as she explores different avenues of writing.

Unleashing the Power of Words

Defense; Forgiveness

I was holding this as though playing pretend would make me feel better. It didn't make me feel better. It left me wondering why I couldn't have that. Why I couldn't have "normal".


How do I get out? I ask of the darkness around me. It wraps around me without answering.


But then I realize. That sadness is just as bone-tiring as anger. The only difference I find. Is that in anger, you make others feel your pain. But in sadness, no one even has to know you suffer.

Help. Save Me.

And it makes sense to me. In a twisted sort of way. Clinging onto my hurt. I've had it for so long. I wouldn't know what to do without it there.

December 31, 2023

This is the last letter I will write you, at least for the year you died. I may write again later, but as the clock and this year become a wrap, this is it.

I know these are plenty of letters to you. You don't deserve any of them, but really, they were always for me, not you. I had a lot to say, but it's all been written for now. I'll try to wipe my hands of you, and maybe it'll be true this year.

One day, I'll die, and perhaps I'll see you. For now, this is the end. Happy New Year's.

Dear Dead Father, it's another year that I made it. And it was and has always been without you.

Ghost Town

It feels like the flowers grown from love have been violently torn from my lungs. Like my soul of stars has imploded. Like my galaxy of a mind collapsed in on itself. As if my porcelain gold heart has been crushed into a fine powder.

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