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Join Breanna on Her Transformative Journey

Join Breanna Elder on her transformative journey through pain, healing, and self-discovery. Her books and journals offer a unique perspective on resilience and the power of vulnerability. Order your copies today and embark on your own journey of healing and self-discovery. Discover that even amid grief, pain, or trauma—you are not alone.

Snowflakes and Sorrows

In Snowflakes and Sorrows, Breanna Elder shares her raw truth born from mental and emotional trauma through poignant poetry. These poems remind readers they are not alone in their pain and inspire courage to confront uncomfortable emotions.

Starlight and Hailstorms

Starlight and Hailstorms delves into deep emotions, exploring sorrow, anger, and resilience. Breanna's reflections and evocative imagery encourage readers to embrace their feelings and find strength in vulnerability.

Lilacs, Daffodils, and Thunderstorms

Continuing her journey, Lilacs, Daffodils, and Thunderstorms pays tribute to vulnerability and resilience. Breanna shows that growth and renewal are possible even in the darkest storms.

Wishes, Losses, and Living

Wishes, Losses, and Living concludes the series with a powerful exploration of childhood trauma and healing—Breanna’s story explores the pain of loss and the resilience of embracing life’s challenges.

My Journey Towards Healing

My Journey Towards Healing is a collection of poetry explanations, activities, and prompts designed to help capture personal truths in poetry. These prompts are crafted to help release one's voice, even if they are the only one who will ever hear it.

Dead Dead Father

Dead Dead Father is a compelling collection of letters exploring the complexities of love, loss, pain, grief, and healing in Breanna's relationship with her father.

Medusa in the Shadows

📚✨ Sneak peek at my work in progress!

I'm loving seeing this story come to life—the characters are taking on a life of their own.

I'm pretty invested at this point! Check out "Medusa in the Shadows," a young adult thriller with a kick-ass protagonist, Nova. Can't wait to share more soon! 🐍💥

Still high on adrenaline and pain, Nova grabs her dagger without thinking twice. "Don't touch me. No one touches me." She snapped at them. Everyone in Nathan's company was here. They were in workout gear, though from the look of it, they hadn't gotten to the workout yet. "Nova, what happened? How do you tear your stitches?" Nathan asks, stepping forward with his hands out. "Go away," Nova responded, holding the dagger up higher. "Nova," Nathan said softly, still moving closer. "How did you hurt yourself?" He asked again. "I was sleeping, and then I was bleeding. Go away," she replied. She tried to give him her best scowl, but it only hurt her head, so she stopped. "Did you have a nightmare question mark?" He asked, stepping closer again. "Fuck off. No one touches me." She snapped. "Not touching you, kid. Not going to hurt you. I just want to make sure you're all right. Can Anthony take care of that for you?" Nathan speaks softly, still slowly working his way closer to her. "No one touches me!" She snaps again. "Hey," Nathan says even softer. He was a few feet away from her now. He crouched onto the ground, putting him at a lower height – lower than her current level on the bed – making himself small to be less intimidating. "Nova looked at me." He is still speaking softly, holding his palms face up in an opening position on his knees. "I am." She snapped her hand around the dagger, gripping it much tighter than before. "No, you're looking at a lot of other stuff around the room right now. I need you to focus. Look at me." She forces herself to look only at Nathan, though her shoulders are tense now, not seeing where everyone else is in the room or what they are doing. "I'm going to ask a few of my teammates to leave. Okay?" He starts. Nova looks at him while he speaks and then turns to look at the others in the room again. "Hey, come on. Look at me." She turns her attention back to Nathan. "Anthony and Nicole, stay, please." He orders, never looking away from her. Nova jerks slightly when the door opens. She twists around to watch the others leave. "Hey, Nova. Look at me." She twists back to face him. "No one here is ever going to touch you without your say-so, and no one here is ever going to hurt you like that again. You have control here. Do you understand? We aren't going to do anything. Unless you say, it's okay first. You are safe here."

SnowFlakes and Sorrows

SnowFlakes and Sorrows is a powerful collection of poems by Breanna Elder, where she courageously shares her raw and painful truth with the world. These poems served as a means for her to heal and process the mental and emotional trauma she endured as a child.

Although not her sole source of healing, they have proven to be the most effective step in her journey. SnowFlakes and Sorrows serve as a poignant reminder that we are never truly alone in our pain. It emphasizes the value we hold and the deservingness we possess for healing. This first installment of the four-part series delves into the uncomfortable and often avoided emotions that are crucial to the healing process. Breanna's hope is that her honest words will inspire others to have the courage to acknowledge and express their own truths.

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"Ms. Elder's book of poetry reminds us that pain exists, time doesn't always heal all wounds, and our actions impact others. Survivors need to continue to be seen, heard and believed. This body of work is real, raw, and sometimes difficult to read - yet it can bring perspective and clarity to those who feel they are alone in the throws of family dysfunction and addiction. This poetry collection should remind us that the first step in healing is to allow ourselves to feel and face those emotions head-on."

Joe Gast

"Snowflakes and Sorrows is a powerful journey through pain, suffering, and the struggle to heal. The poems are so real and raw that they hit hard. The poet's words are like snowflakes, beautiful but sharp, showing how words can both heal and hurt. It's a captivating collection that digs deep into emotions and life challenges; this book is a must-read. Prepare to be moved by its honesty and what is a reality for some."

Michael Salazar


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Journaling Through Your Pain

We often struggle to express or feel comfortable expressing hard emotions clearly. Many times, we don't even know where to begin. This journal will be designed to help you better express yourself and get your voice out.

white printer paper on green typewriter
white printer paper on green typewriter

Starlight and Hailstorms

Lilac, Daffodils, and Thunderstorms

Wishes, Loses, and Living

While these three books will represent the complete journey to her healing, they are not the end of her poetry or even the end of her pain. Healing is an ongoing process. It is cyclical. To fully heal you may find yourself repeating learnings over and over.

Release Dates Coming Soon.