About Breanna Elder

Breanna Elder is a gifted writer who initially embarked on her creative journey through FanFiction and eventually ventured into the realm of poetry. Through her writing, she skillfully communicates the stories that have long lived within the confines of her mind. With a passion for storytelling, Breanna fearlessly experiments with various forms of writing, constantly exploring new avenues to express herself. Her words weave intricate tales, transporting readers to captivating worlds and evoking a myriad of emotions. Through her literary endeavors, Breanna invites others to share in her exploration of the written word, offering a glimpse into the depths of her imagination and inviting readers to embark on their own imaginative journeys.

Breanna Elder (she/her) is a poet living in a small town in South Carolina. She has a passion for seeing new places but finds herself coming back to where her family is and her life started. 

You will see her wandering the woods at her family's "compound," usually with a cat or two following her.

She spends lots of time reading and writing and firmly believes you can't have too many books. Just stack them up. She has learned owning books is great, but being a member of the library is really good too.

Cooking and baking are big stress relievers. Her family has learned when she says she doesn't need help in the kitchen; she means, "Leave me alone and let me do my thing."

She loves all animals but considers herself a cat person. They all burrow into her heart. She feeds the many strays in her neighborhood and has since given them all names.

Breanna is great with children and loves her ten cousins with all her heart. You will regularly find her doing hair, teaching them to bake, decorating for upcoming events, having spa days, sleepovers, or simply babysitting.

You can talk to her about books, cats, music, and stars on any given day.